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Team Personnel


Head Coach Jay

Over 20 years Martial Arts experience in Muay Thai,Kickboxing,MMA, Tae Kwon do, and Boxing.
Tae Kwon Do Black belt
Professional Licensed Body Guard
USA Boxing Certified Boxing Instructor
USA Boxing Certified Cornerman
WKA Certified Cornerman
WKA Certified Cut man
WKA Certified Official
WKA Hand wrap specialist
USMTA Certified Cornerman
USMTA Certified Official
Professional fighter manager
Professional fighter Coach / Cornerman
American Top Team – Franklin Square Certified Muay Thai Instructor
NASIM personal training Certifed
Favorite Quote: “Come Get This work”!


Coach Marcus

Coach Marcus found a love for strength and conditioning programs at the age of 20. It was in essence a form of stress relief that I've  continued throughout a lifetime. As I grew in age, my demand for something more challenging grew also. I was introduced to Muay thai kickboxing 10 years ago at Militia Fight Academy. Muay Thai became exactly what I needed! It gave me the confidence that was needed, along with the peace of mind of knowing in real life situations I had a skill that could possibly save my life (which it has). I also have a love for "The sweet science of Boxing". I've coached kickboxing, Boxing and Bootcamp for 4 years and I love it. I love helping individuals achieve their goals. More importantly I truly love mentoring the young adults that walk through our door. Our children and teens need an outlet just as much as us adults do, and i feel obligated to ensure they have just that when they walk in our doors. My goal is to positively impact the lives of everyone walks through our doors, a goal i will hunt for a lifetime.

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Coach Paige

Coach Paige DI Bartolo started mixed martial martial arts about 15 years ago at American Top Team Franklin Square NY. She started MMA to help her little cousin learn how to defend herself from being bullied and to kick start her own weight loss goals. Since then, she has completely stuck with the sport and training which lead to her being a coach and an amateur fighter "Power House Paige." She currently has a record of 7-2 and holds the championship belt for the 150lb female weight division as well as The Queen of NY 145lb title belt. Not only has this sport transformed her into the "Power House", It has also transformed her lifestyle completely! She started this journey at 247lbs and now she starts at 145lbs weight division. Her goal is to continue to be the fearsome fighter she is and help others achieve their goals as well. Whether it is to live a healthier lifestyle, lose weight or become a fighter, Coach Paige is fully committed to helping all her students and teammates achieve their goals.

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Coach Gina

Born in Jamaica, West Indies, Gina migrated with her mom to the US and spent her childhood in Jamaica, Queens, before moving to Valley Stream, LI. She discovered her love for Muay Thai, Kickboxing and Boxing in 2011 and since then, her passion for combat sports has grown in leaps and bounds. In 2017 she began training with Jay “Coach Jay” Isaac’s team and there began the next phase of her journey. She currently coaches beginners and children aged 5-12 yrs in Muay Thai.

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